How Often Do Carpet Cleaning Services Come in Handy?

Carpets are often neglected in regards to other aspects of the home carpet cleaning services in my area. Carpets are usually left in the cold, despite being cleaned on the floors and windows. Most homeowners don’t feel the need to clean their carpets except when there is a stain on them or if they are prone to sneezing. But how often do your carpets really need to be cleaned?

Website Maintenance

Carpets that are well-maintained are less likely to need cleaning than those that are not. If your carpets are cleaned regularly by professionals, they will last at least two more years. People who feel guilty about not cleaning their carpets regularly or those with carpets that go through a lot of use are best to call in professional cleaning. It is possible to reduce your need for professional carpet cleaning by simply vacuuming once a week.


Carpets in homes are less likely to need cleaning as they are indoors. They also come in contact with very few dirt particles on a daily basis. The homeowners can reduce their need to clean the carpet by taking off their shoes before they walk on it. Family with kids may require emergency professional help in the event that their children spill something on the carpets. Carpets can also be made more dirty by pets. You can vacuum pet hairs or use Velcro pads. But some pets can collect dirt from outside and even soil carpets. Carpets that are used in commercial or public buildings will require more frequent carpet cleaning. There’s no way to tell where shoes have come from, or what particles they may have picked up on the carpets. The carpet fibers can become stuck and dirt can be easily tracked down by vacuuming. Carpets in public spaces need to be cleaned at the very least once a calendar year.

Too Much Cleaning

Over-cleaning is possible, but it’s not something you should do. If you have the means to do so and have the budget, you may be tempted not to have your carpets cleaned as often as possible. It is best to only clean your carpets once per year, or even once every two years. Carpets can become brittle and faded if they are exposed to strong chemicals by cleaning companies. Your trusted carpet cleaning service can help you decide how often you need to have professional carpet cleaners clean your carpet. They will not only clean your carpets but will also provide tips and tricks to help you maintain its quality.
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