What Distinguishes a Combi Oven From a Convection Oven

Both the combi oven (and convection) are similar kitchen appliances, but they do have their own distinct differences. A combi oven however has more tricks in its bag. Both are meant to cook food quickly and evenly – article source!

Let’s talk about the convection stove first. If you want to call it the reliable workhorse, this is it. It circulates hot air around food to cook it faster and more uniformly. This fan is great for baking and roasting as well as drying.

When it comes to ovens, the combi oven is similar to a sports car. The combi oven can do anything, from baking to roasting to steaming. You can cook your dishes faster and more evenly because of its precise temperature control. You will also appreciate your culinary creations more because of the convenient self-cleaning function.

The steaming feature is where they diverge the most. A combi oven includes a built in steamer so that you can steam cook your food and preserve all the nutrients. It retains moisture to help keep your meal moist and succulent.

It is important to note combi ovens’ capacity to save space. If you replace multiple appliances in your kitchen with combi ovens, you can make valuable counter and cabinet space. Don’t let the steamer or convection stove take up space in your kitchen.

There are two sides to the same coin: convection ovens or combi ovens. Both are meant to cook food quicker and more thoroughly. A combi oven offers many features including the steaming feature, temperature control, and self cleaning. This oven can be used to replace many kitchen appliances, which will free up valuable counter and cupboard space.