How to make more from your digital downloads

If you have lots of digital products, and they are not selling for much on the Internet homepage, you might be able to make more by burning them to CD and then selling them online. It is easy; information products have been selling on floppy and CDs for years before digital downloads. This will continue to sell as many people prefer physical products over virtual.

You can also command a higher price for physical products, and buyers will be happy to pay it. A second aspect is that physical product sales are more complex and take longer to process than digital downloads. This means you will be less competitive with other sellers online.

How to make your CD

The theme of your CD should be planned and a title chosen. Perhaps you have many ebooks on petcare. You can burn the selected products to CD, and then create an index. This will allow buyers to quickly find what they need. CD cataloguing software will be required. However, there are several free and paid-for versions of the program available on the Internet. While it’s not essential to include a catalogue in your product, it can make it look professional and add value.

The best part is your instruction file. Other than implicit instructions, you can suggest hosting, domains, autoresponder firms, or any other product that you are associated to. If your product is excellent and your customer is satisfied with it, you have a good chance of them following your recommendations and making some backend sales. Although you can market your new product, it is smarter to create a more professional package to sell information CDs. There is free software available online that allows you to design CD labels and covers. These will be more appealing than plain, boring blank CD jewel cases.